Participating in the Dam tot Damloop is fun and healthy. Before, during and after the event it is important to properly reflect on some tips, so that you can enjoy the event responsibly. Read these tips well, but be aware that when taking part in sporting activities you are always primarily responsible for your own health. Have you, in the week before the Dam tot Damloop for example, had a febrile illness (> 39 degrees)? If so, do not run!

Click here for more detailed information on training possibilities for the Dam tot Damloop.

On the day of the event

1. Take your participants’ brochure with you, because it contains useful information about the event.

2. Use the services at the start / finish and along the way. Look here for the care that we provide to you and where you will find the Red Cross points. At the service posts you will be provided with food and drink, but make sure you also have enough food / drink with you, which you can consume before and after the event.

3. Do you take medications or do you have a chronic illness or condition, do not forget to mention this on the back of your bib number.

4. Stick to the following rules of conduct:

Consider yourself and your fellow runners
Many thousands of people run at the same time during the Dam tot Damloop. It is important that everyone passes the finish line feeling healthy. If you see a fellow runner struggling, speak to him or her about it or warn an organisational employee or the Red Cross.

Run on the right, overtake on the left
As in traffic, this rule also applies when running in large groups. Keep to the right as much as possible so that faster runners can overtake on the left.

Dispose of waste in the bins provided
Throw cups and remains of fruit in the appropriate bins, for example those near the service posts.

Leave the toilets tidy
After use, leave the toilet as tidy as possible by ensuring no waste is left outside the toilet pot.

Follow the organisers’ instructions
Always follow instructions given by staff of Le Champion, without entering into a discussion with them.