Run for a charity

Le Champion promotes running for charity. This is why it’s possible for every participant to run for charity at the Dam tot Damloop. You will be running not only for yourself but also for others! There are three ways of doing this.

1) Donation at the time of online entry

The official charity of the Dam tot Damloop is Right To Play. At the time of online entry, all individual participants can make a voluntary donation to this charity.

2) Participation in a charity team

Both individual runners and companies who wish to participate in the 10 or 5 English Mile can be sponsored to run in a charity team. Besides supporting the charity, running in a charity team means a large number of additional benefits for you. For example you are not affected by the rush to enter because a large number of charities have guaranteed places for several years. You also have rights to the same benefits as those participating in the Dam tot Dam Business Run. That means, among other things, a privileged starting position (before the crowds!), a team picture and access to the exclusive business facilities in the Dam tot Dam Park.

Participating charities
Choose a charity

You need to register yourself with the participating charity. You will be included free in their team, providing you can guarantee a minimum amount of sponsorship money. The level of the amount will be determined by each charity. You can also donate an amount per kilometre yourself. In addition, ask your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances to donate as well.  This way we can collect a significant amount together!

Dam tot Damloop - Goede Doelen

3) Raising money for charity

Pifworld is a donation platform that makes it easy for participants to raise money for your charity. But it also allows you to do a lot more. As a non-profit, you can add projects and events, build a community around your organisation, advertise vacancies and team up with schools and businesses.

Create a free page for your non-profit here, so your participants can start raising money. All donations made through Pifworld go straight to the non-profit. We would be happy to help. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Harmen at

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