Dam tot Damloop

Both the competition and the fitness run will once again cover a 10 Mile (16.09 km) route. On leaving the tunnel, runners will continue across the motorway and take the second turn towards the Buiksloterdijk. They will then turn onto Molenwijkpark via the Landsmeerderdijk, Kadoelenweg, Stoombootweg and Appelweg. After Molenwijkpark, runners will take the cycle path on the Verlengde Stellingweg to Noorder IJ- and Zeedijk in Zaandam where the course crosses the Zuiddijk and Dam to the finish on the Peperstraat.

Every kilometer is clearly signposted. With over 40 bands, dance troupes, and brass bands, an unforgettable atmosphere will be created. Due to the large number of participants we ask everyone to run at the right side of the road so people can overtake on the left.

Start and finish

In order to achieve a smooth flow along the course, runners will begin in several different groups. The groups will leave in phases to prevent bottlenecks forming along the course.

Time groups
Please note! It is absolutely not permitted to start in an earlier start group to than which you have been allocated. Starting in a later group is possible, provided that it is no later than the last starting time. Five starting pens have been installed at the Prins Hendrikkade near the Central Station in Amsterdam. Each starting pen will be opened 20 minutes before the starting time. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are entering the correct starting pen. The bib numbers belonging to the starting pens are clearly indicated with colours and numbers at the entrance gates of each starting pen. Runners are expected to be in their starting pens at least 10 minutes before the start. The pens will be used several times for a starting group.

Participants will be classified into time groups according to the finishing time you have indicated at time of entry. Because you will be using a chip for time registration, your start time begins to run only when you pass the start line, making it unnecessary to be at the front.

Starting times 2019
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Time clocks

From the second kilometer onwards, there will be time clocks at every even-numbered kilometer, and at the 5 and 15 km points. These clocks will be activated at the start of the men’s run (10.25). The clocks at the start and finish are also synchronized with this standard time. On passing the finish line, participants can calculate how much time should be subtracted to establish their personal finishing times. This calculation will be done automatically by the BibTag to find your actual finish time.

Time limit

The limit for the 10 Mile run is 2 hours. The finish in Zaandam closes at 17.00.

In order to organize the Dam tot Damloop, many streets and roads must be closed to traffic. Time limits are strictly enforced in the Dam tot Damloop to avoid holding up traffic more than necessary. For health and safety reasons, it is important that all participants respect these limits.

These points should be passed by the following times:10 Mile participants who are reached by the support vehicle at the 6 km, 11 km or 14 km points, based on the checkpoint schedule, will be asked by the jury to terminate their run and board the support vehicle. The support vehicle will bring participants to the Dam tot Dam Park (Burgemeester in ’t Veldpark) in Zaandam. You will then no longer be eligible for a medal, nor will you be included in the results.


Together with you bib number you will receive a plastic bag that can be used for your clothes. After filling your bag, you paste the sticker that corresponds with your starting number on the bag. You can hand in your plastic bag at the PostNL trailer that matches your bib number series. These PostNL trailers are at the busstation at the IJ-hall of Amsterdam Central Station.
Only bags supplied by the organizers will be accepted for safekeeping. Remember that space in these bags is limited, so only put the things that you most need in them. You should leave sport bags at Sporthal De Struijck. Leave valuables at home. The organizers do not accept liability for lost clothing.
About 150 meters after the finish, on the way to the Dam tot Dam Park, the clothing bags can be picked up at the Heijermansstraat. You can pick up your bag until 17.15.

Changing facilities
You can only find changing facilities in Zaandam at Sporthal De Struijck, close to the Dam tot Dam Park (no shower facilities). Participants of the business run can use the special business changing tent in the Dam tot Dam Park.


Prizes for the 10 Mile race are awarded in the following categories: men seniors (15 cash prizes), women’s elite (15 cash prizes), women seniors (3), master M.35, M.40, M.45, M.50, M.55, M.60, M.65, M.70, M.75, W.35, W.40, W.45, W.50, W.55, V.60, V.65 and V.70 (3 of each). There are also cash prizes to be won in the women seniors and masters. Very attractive cash prizes are available in the overall league competition for the first three men or women (runners) to finish in Zaandam. In order to guarantee an equal chance, the women’s elite will leave Amsterdam 6.04 minutes earlier than the men. This is the difference between the course records for men and women in the Dam tot Damloop. There is also an extra prize to be won by the first three North-Holland residents (men and women) to finish.

Grote Prijs Zaanstad
The top runners in the women’s elite and men seniors will compete for the Grote Prijs Zaanstad. Additional prize money of approximately € 11,000 will be awarded to the first three runners to finish (men or women).

Total prize money
Including the Grote Prijs Zaanstad, over € 44,000 will be distributed amongst the prize winners.

Prize ceremony
The prize ceremony takes places directly after the finish of the winners on the Peperstraat in Zaandam.

Dam tot Damloop - Finish