Recreational Business Run Damloop by night

The Damloop by night 5 English Mile is a recreational run with start and finish close to the Dam tot Dam Park in the centre of Zaandam. The distance is particularly suitable for beginners. Dressed in special ASICS running shirts, a maximum of 15,000 runners will cover a distance of 5 miles (8 km) in the dark, through the jolliest streets of Zaandam. The circuit crosses the traditional Dam tot Damloop circuit, to some degree. The Dam, Zuiddijk, and the finish on the Peperstraat for instance, which is visited by thousands of spectators each year on Sunday, will not be left out.

Start groups
The participants of the Damloop by night 5 English Mile Business Run start in the front pen before all other participants of the Damloop by night.

Criteria for participation
Participation in the Damloop by  night 5 English Mile Business Run will be under the following rules:

  • A team consists of minimum five and maximum ten persons;
  • For this category it’s not necessary for participants to work for the company they are representing;
  • The business ranking is based on the net results of the first five arriving runners from each team;
  • Besides unlimited teams for the recreational Business Run 5 Mile, a company can also register an unlimited number of recreational teams for the 10 Mile.

There are prizes available for the first three teams in Damloop by night 5 English Mile Business Run. These prizes will be send by post after the race.