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Business Run

Pre-registration now open

Taking part in the world’s largest business run with your colleagues, relations or customers is undoubtedly a unique experience. It is no coincidence that every running enthusiast wants to experience this running spectacle. The tension right before the start, goose bumps on your arms when you hear those thousands of footsteps in the IJtunnel, the thousands of people yelling words of encouragement in Amsterdam-Noord, the unparalleled atmosphere on the Zuiddijk in Zaandam and those last tough metres to the finish. And, finally, enjoying the afterglow together in the Dam tot Dam Park, either in your own hospitality unit or with a drink in front of the stage with live music.

Exclusive pre-registration opened!
Has your company participated in the Dam tot Dam Business Run one or more times in the past three years? Then you will have the opportunity to register earlier for the upcoming edition. The special VIP registration is open until Monday March 30, 2020.

The regular registration opens on Monday, April 6, 2020 at 9:00 AM.


The 10 Mile Business Run has a competition and recreation category. Participation is open to teams of 5 to 10 people. The number of teams you can register is also unlimited.

Business 10 EM first team € 565.00
Business package
Business 10 EM following team(s) € 415.00
Business package
Business 5 EM first team € 515.00
Business package
Business 5 EM following team(s) € 400.00
Business package

Please note! You pay the higher rate per registration for the Business Run. If you complete the registration form twice for your company, you will pay the higher rate twice. It is not possible to combine two different registrations from the same company in a single registration. The rates for the Business Run do not include 21% VAT.

Important information registration procedure

A number of important points regarding the registration procedure:

  • Make sure you use the official spelling of the company as it will appear on the invoice and bib numbers. Please note: The name of the company CANNOT be changed once the teams have been registered and the invoice has been automatically generated by the registration system.
  • Payment options are via iDEAL direct bank transfer (NL only) or via an invoice. Please choose your payment method in step 5 of the registration process.
  • Your participation will be finalised as long as the entry fee is paid within 21 days. When paying using iDEAL, your registration will be finalised immediately.
  • Payment reference: The payment reference/PO number can be entered on the registration form in the ‘payment reference’ field. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add the payment reference to the invoice at a later date.
  • After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with an access code. You can use this code to invite your runners to join the team.
  • You therefore do not need to have information on the participants at hand when registering.
  • Names can be added and modified until 18 September at 11:59 pm.

Business Package

When participating in the Business Run, you can count on a number of extras such as a privileged starting position, a team photo and exclusive access to the Business area in the Dam tot Dam Park. View the complete business package here.