Registration charities

The objective is to involve as many different charities as possible in the Dam tot Damloop. And that gets better every year as witnessed by the € 1,00,000 that almost 50 charities had credited to their account last year. Charities can enter with teams of up to ten people for this special category. To make use of the promotional benefits offered, a minimum of five teams must be entered.

Charity Club
The Dam tot Dam Charity Club deserves a special mention, whereby a charity can enter into a commitment for three years with guaranteed bib numbers for the Dam tot Damloop. Registration for the Dam tot Dam Charity Club is closed up to and including 2019. The earliest a charity can obtain a CLUB CARD is in 2020.

Regular registration
Charities not in possession of a CLUB CARD can only enter for the Damloop by night 5 English Miles. The 10 English Miles is sold out because the limit of participants has been reached.

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More information
More information about the Charity Project can be requested via e-mail or by calling +31 72 5338136.