Registration for the Dam tot Damloop will open in April 2018.

You can check your registration through your personal acocunt.

Rates Individual runners included taxes
Dam tot Damloop 10 English Miles € 26.50
Damloop by night 5 English Miles (shirt included*) € 29.50
Damloop by night 5 English Miles (shirt included*) – wheelers € 29.50
Mini Dam tot Damlopen € 2.50


Rates Business and Charity teams excluded taxes
Business Run 10 English Mile – first team € 565.00
Business Run 10 English Mile – following team(s) € 415.00
Business Run 5 English Mile – first team (10 shirts included*) € 515.00
Business Run 5 English Mile – following team(s) (10 shirts included*) € 400.00
Charity team 10 English Mile € 415.00
Charity team 5 English Mile € 300.00


Other included taxes
ASICS Dam tot Damloop Runningshirt (presale) € 19.95
ASICS Dam tot Damloop Runningshirt (on the day of the event) € 25.00
Medaille Inleg (at registration) € 5.50
Medaille Inleg (address foreign country order after registration) € 6.50
SMS Service 10 English Mile € 2.00
SMS Service 5 English Mile € 0.50


*The ASICS Damloop by night Runningshirt is not available separately and is therefore a fixed part of the participation in the Damloop by night.

Run the Dam tot Damloop for charity!
Le Champion promotes running for charity. This is why it’s possible for every participant to run for charity at the Dam tot Damloop. You will be running not only for yourself but also for others! This is for example possible by making a voluntary donation at the time of online entry to Right to Play. You can also participate in the Dam tot Damloop Charity Project. You form part of a team of one of the charities that has registered for the Dam tot Damloop and thereby support the charity. Click here for more information.

10 and 5 English Miles time groups
The participants of the 10 and 5 Mile race will be classified into groups in accordance with their estimated finishing times. This will be done in the following manner:

  • If you have indicated a specified finishing time, you will be classified according to your specified finishing time;
  • Participants who enter an ‘impossible finishing time’ will be placed in the last group.

Please note! Once finishing times have been specified they can not subsequently be changed.