Will there be a waiting list if the limit is reached?
No, there are no waiting lists. However, you can see if there is a place left in one of the charity teams or you can post a request on Facebook.

I have not received a confirmation?
All individual participants will receive an email confirmation, so make sure you have a provided a current e-mail address.

I can not enter, because an error message – ‘specified time is not correct’ – appears every time. What could be wrong?
This is because there is a time limit associated with each distance.

  • 10 Mile minimum 00.55.00 minutes and maximum 02.00.00 minutes;
  • 5 Mile minimum 00.18.00 minutes and maximum 01.10.00 minutes.

I have stated an expected finishing time. Can I change it?
No, this is not possible. The participants of the 10 Mile will be classified into groups in accordance with their estimated finishing times. This will be done in the following manner:

  • If you have indicated a specific finishing time, you will be classified according to your specified finishing time;
  • Participants who enter an ‘impossible finishing time’will be placed in the last group.

Participants from outside the Netherlands

I don’t live in the Netherlands, but would like to participate in the Dam tot Damloop?
Foreigners without a bank account in the Netherlands can only pay by credit card. Please use the English registration form.

If I don’t live in the Netherlands will my bib number be sent to me?
No, bib numbers for participants who do not live in the Netherlands will not be sent to them. They must pick up their bib number on:

  • Sunday, September 18 from 9.00 to 13.00 at the new busstation at the IJ-side of Amsterdam CS in Amsterdam. (10 Mile);
  • Saturday, September 17 at the Dam tot Dam Park in Zaandam (5 Mile).

Changing your distance/starting pen

I have entered for the 5 Mile and would like to run the 10 Mile. Is this possible?
No, this is not possible.

I have entered for the 10 Mile and would like to run the 5 Mile. Is this possible?
No, this is not possible.

My friends are in a starting pen that starts earlier than mine, can I join them?
It is absolutely forbidden to start in an earlier start group. You may start in a later start group if you wish.

Transfer bib number

When can I transfer my bib number?
Transfer of bib numbers is possible from 9 to 16 September 13.59. After approval, no confirmation e-mail will be sent. In addition at ‘entry check’ the new name will not be shown. The new name will only be included in the results.

The transfer of a bib number is only possible for the 10 Mile recreational run or 5 Mile recreational run, not for the competition or the Business Run. Race bib numbers are not transferable. Details of Business runners can only be changed by the contact person of the business team.

Please note! After the transfer, the organisers will not be sending out a new bib number. You will therefore be running with the number that has been transferred to you and your name will not appear on it.


I have forgotten to order the ASICS Dam tot Damloop Runningshirt. Can I still order it?
All participants of the Damloop by night receive the ASICS Damloop by night Runningshirt automatically. This shirt is included in the registration fee. It’s not possible to order extra Damloop by night shirts.