Recreational Business Run 10 Mile

Companies can participate in the Recreation Business Run 10 Mile at the Dam tot Damloop with their staff, but also with business associates, friends and acquaintances.

Start Groups
The start of the Recreational Business Run 10 Mile takes place in sixteen groups after the Business Run race and before other recreational groups. The reason for this is to achieve the best possible flow. The order of receipt of your entry determines which group you are allocated to. Please note! The names of the participants can passed on at a later stage.

Criteria for participation
Participation in the Recreational Business Run 10 Mile will be under the following rules:

  • A team consists of minimum five and maximum ten persons;
  • For this category it’s not necessary for participants to work for the company they are representing;
  • The business ranking is based on the net results of the first five arriving runners from each team;
  • Besides unlimited recreational teams, a company can also register one men’s and one women’s racing team.

There are prizes available for the first three teams in the Recreational Business Run 10 Mile. This year there will also be prizes for the first three teams of the Dam tot Dam Charity Project.