Prizes for the 10 Mile race are awarded in the following categories: men seniors (15 cash prizes), women’s elite (15 cash prizes), women seniors (3), master M.35, M.40, M.45, M.50, M.55, M.60, M.65, M.70, M.75, W.35, W.40, W.45, W.50, W.55, V.60, V.65 and V.70 (3 of each). There are also cash prizes to be won in the women seniors and masters. Very attractive cash prizes are available in the overall league competition for the first three men or women (runners) to finish in Zaandam. In order to guarantee an equal chance, the women’s elite will leave Amsterdam 6.04 minutes earlier than the men. This is the difference between the course records for men and women in the Dam tot Damloop. There is also an extra prize to be won by the first three North-Holland residents (men and women) to finish.

Grote Prijs Zaanstad
The top runners in the women’s elite and men seniors will compete for the Grote Prijs Zaanstad. Additional prize money of approximately € 11,000 will be awarded to the first three runners to finish (men or women).

Total prize money
Including the Grote Prijs Zaanstad, over € 44,000 will be distributed amongst the prize winners.

Click here for the prize schedule 2017.

Prize ceremony
The prize ceremony takes places directly after the finish of the winners on the Peperstraat in Zaandam.